At Maverick, we believe that compliance is also simple. We help our clients de-mistify, simplify and challenge the status-quo of what’s necessary!

01. Strategic

Our consultants are strategic to the core! We always operate with a long term risk strategy that is always aligned with your business strategy.

02. Focused

Our ability to focus and zero in on the key risk areas in your organization is our hallmark and we bring the same focus and commitment to manage your compliance programs.

03. Trusted

We are committed and make every effort to understand the challenges in your unique environment and this is what provides us the capacity to act as a trusted adviser.

About Maverick

Maverick Consulting is a boutique technology risk consulting firm based out of New York that takes pride in its IT Risk solutions and custom approach catered uniquely to each client’s specific risk appetite. Be it a small or mid-size business or a Fortune 500, our trained and seasoned team of consultants are sharp to grasp the nuances, culture and the unique requirements in each client’s environment to achieve exceptional results.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in IT Risk Management, Compliance, Internal Audit and Data privacy.

We consult and work very closely with our clients to fully understand their structure, their business model, their true needs and their business and revenue goals. Based on that understanding, we design and develop a customized approach for each client that facilitates exponential savings in their budgets, time and resources.

Almost all of our professionals are full time employees and are trained and developed by Maverick to meet our rigorous quality requirements.

At Maverick, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service because we believe our success is defined largely by our client’s satisfaction. Our services include but are not limited to managing IT Risk frameworks and assessments, compliance programs like Sarbanex Oxley and PCI, privacy programs like GDPR, HIPPA and Cyber security.

All of our services are priced very competitively in the market compared to Big 4s and other similar firms. This provides us a unique edge and our clients are the big winners in that they get a higher quality service for rates that will often cut down their budgets significantly.

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